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SCBCA membership is FREE, there are benefits for you, your business and the building and construction industry by joining now.

Who should join  Trade Contractors - Professions

Trade associations focus on rules, regulations, training for new products and government regulations. They fall short in business training, while this is the sole focus of SCBCA.

By becoming self-employed or managing a business, there is a crossover from being a tradesperson to a business person. The obligation of a business person is to grow the business and produce a profit for the shareholders. Also to secure jobs for employees.

SCBCA will help you to achieve these goals and enjoy the quality of life you desire.

Over 5,500 contractors have grown their business by using the methods, procedures and systems that will be unveiled to you in this Business Club. Many contractors have increased their turnover from $300,000 p/a to $30m and even $50m p/a. Your business does not need to do this, however, SCBCA encourages members to run their business at a size of their choosing.

Beyond the business topics that will be presented to help you grow your business and make more profit, SCBCA  anticipates that the club will have sufficient members, (target 10,000) to  be a force in Security of Payment and other important matters that requires subcontractor unity. We have a Security of Payment plan, however until there are sufficient members, it is not possible to present it. Imagine a system that even if the builder went broke on a project, he / she could not take the subcontractor or trade supplier with them. (There is such a system)

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*     Building contractors - small commercial

*     Carpenters - residential subcontractors

*     Plumbing contractors

*     Electrical contractors

*     Concrete contractors

*     Civil Works contractors

*     Landscape contractors

*     Pasters

*     Glaziers

*     Shop Fitters

*     Joinery and Kitchen fixers

*     Manufacturers

*     Employees wanting to become managers

*     Students 

*    Mechanical and Air Conditioning contractors

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                   *      Architect

                   *    Design Engineer

                   *    Quantity Surveyor

                   *    Hydraulic Consultant

                  *    Building Designers

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