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3rd April 2012

Purchasing Tablets & iPads   CLICK HERE


7th July 2011

The market is about to be flooded with Windows 7 Tablets. This is in response of the Apple iPad. Septermber 2011 will be the best time to look and purchase.

Look closely at the specifications. The RAM in GB,the speed in GHz. The size of the screen. (10") Storage capacity. Although if linking to the office server the size of the hard drive is not important.

Be sure to purchase one that accepts the software you intend to operate. For example:

Cavsoft Service Work software will link your service vehicle and head office. Eliminating text messages. Materials used and labour times along with service reports, photos and similar will instantly be available in head office for invoicing the customer the same day.

Construction projects will eliminate time sheets and material ordering will be more accountable as well as progress claims will be easier and on time.

See Events for launch dates 

5th July 2011

Warning:  Before commiting to new technology always look at what is motivating the sales consultant. Remember they gain a commission when you say yes. This is fine, if the product, is in fact, what you need and that it will help you make more profit.

A genuine person will not pressure you into signing. Look at the consequenses or down side if it does not go right.