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NOTE: Project Tracking and Service Work form part of the Contractor's Pack.

Project Tracking is for contractors who want to 'get it right'. Track construction projects after the tender has been won and obtain accurate, reliable monthly reports which include every aspect of the project.


1.    Original estimate details are saved.

2.    Material and subcontractor ordering and tracking system.

3.    Track labour in each section of the project.

4.    Eliminate timesheets with electronic export to payroll software.

5.    Track variations to the contract.

6.    Invoicing on your own letterhead / stationery.

7.    List multiple properties against each customer.

8.    Progress claim certificates, retention and tax invoices.

9.    Complete project analysis of every section.

10.  Gross Profit and Loss report

11.  Complete accounts

12.  Reports on all material usage in each stage of the job. (Help identify variations to the contract)

13. Database of customers, suppliers, employees and subcontractors.

14. Unique labour indicator for work remaining and actual hours to complete, based on different combination of tradespeople and apprentices.

15. Track accounts payable and retention money. Includes value of work for a particular customer with an average per month.

Project Tracking provides the historical data to improve future estimates and accurately forecast your company growth.


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