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Be Organised! From your fee proposal to the invoice.

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Progress Claims Supervision Client Marketing Employee Tracking

Manage your company with the detailed Project Tracking reports that include, labour time comparisons of what was allowed and what has been logged to date. Gross profit reports on a weekly basis. Employee reports and more.

Track fee variations, progress claims and supervision.

CavSoft Professional links to accounting software.

We have been leaders in Building & Construction for Estimating & Project Tracking since 1995, now we are aiming to be No.1 for Architects & Designers.

Plan Register

Amongst many exciting features of the CavSoft Professional the Plan Register is at the top of the list. The makeshift Excel spreadsheet can be tossed away. Now the company managers and supervisors can organise the building design plans.

a) Produce an accurate Plan Register
b) Print weekly or as required
c) Amended plan numbers are highlighted
d) Track every amendment, with unlimited explanation notes
e) Recall amendments and access the complete details
f) When printing a plan register, simply click on the icon. No time preparing.
g) All staff can access the plan register to keep their amendment numbers and details up to date.

There is no staff communications required and no staff time lost trying to work out what happened months earlier.

The plan register function in CavSoft Professional is accurate and efficient. It is excellent for variations to the contract, or legal disputes.

Electronic Timesheets

CavSoft Professional has an add on which is unique, we are not aware of any equivalent to the CavSoft Time Log.

Each employee / staff member is able to have a CavSoft Time Log on their computer and enter their labour times for each project.

a) Messy hand written timesheets. Eliminated
b) Staff time wasted chasing timesheets. Eliminated
c) Become a paperless office
d) Weekly reports for times logged & hours remaining
e) Weekly profitability reports
f) Complete employee tracking and reporting

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Fee Proposals

CavSoft Professional includes a complete and detailed Fee Proposal calculator. Organises and tracks through the process of a marketing lead, to the progress claims and project supervision.

CavSoft's flagship product is the Sharp Estimator, the leading technology that made it the choice of building trade contractors is now available in CavSoft Professional.

a) Fee proposal by percentage (%) of the construction costs
b) Fee proposal by labour times and consumables for each section
c) Multi-discipline breakdown, each divided into sections as required
d) The fee proposal layout forms the basis for:

* tracking the project
* comparison of labour times allowed, used and remaining
* progress claims
* project profitability reporting

Document Log

Another CavSoft Professional exclusive is the manner in which project documents are filed and linked for quick recall. Find documents is minutes regardless of the project being current or archived for ten (10) years.

* Word Documents
* Specifications
* Photos
* Emails
* Websites
* Product catalogue references

CavSoft is a world leader in product and document Quick Search.

Eliminate wasted time in finding documents.

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