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Helpful Hints

Computer Specifications

Most software programs require a lot of RAM. Therefore CavSoft software performs best with a minimum of 8GB RAM.

64bit will allow 32GB RAM which is even better.

Speed is very important. Greater than 2.6GHz is fine, but again 64bit has much faster speeds.

Ruby Software Solutions recommends Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016.

On Screen Take-Off requires a video card with at least 2 GB of video RAM.


It is important to Defrag and clean your hard drive once a week. Also, empty the Recycle Bin in the Contractor's Pack on a regular basis. We have had systems clog, due to the large estimates not cleared out of the bin.

It is very important to have the CavSoft software loaded in the manner advised by CavSoft.


How CavSoft should be loaded on your computer

Single User System

This means one computer. If you try to have more than one person using it, you will be locked out or the software will crash. BUT! When loading it is still referred to as a server. Because it is in fact your server copy.

Multi-User  (available in 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21)

Step 1 - The CavSoft software must be loaded on an office server. (See also computer specifications) When loading select Server. Also write down the name of your server computer.

Step 2 - Load it on as many computers in the office as you wish. Only the number of users you have purchased can access it at one time.

As you load it on the office computers, select 'Office Network Client Computer'. Also, type in the server name when requested. (Refer also to how the update process works)

Step 3 - Reboot the computer for it to link to the server and update the database and standard rates.
To test it, check-out an estimate and check it back in.
Also, select Help and Check for Updates.

Remote Computers - Laptops.

Repeat the process above, however you must be linked to the internet using your wireless internet connection.
When loading select 'Remote Network Client Computer'

The same updating process applies.

Note: CavSoft do not recommend the traditional Remote desktop method, where you are in fact working on the server. The CavSoft method allows estimates to be checked out to work on the local computer and therefore speeds up the recalculation process.

We appreciate there is a cost for each Cavsoft Contractor's Pack connected in this manner, however the cost is low compared to the many thousands of dollars in benefits.


Electronic Price Files

Microsoft Excel CSV format load for Sharp Estimator

Instructions for importing prices into your Sharp Estimator by manipulating Excel spreadsheets and saving them as Comma Separated Ascii Text Files. (CSV)


CavSoft Version 5 is no longer supported. The run-out finished on 31st December 2009.