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SiteManager – Project Tracking

Plan Viewer


The Plan Viewer is one of the most exciting and innovative features in the building and construction industry.


·        Complete Plan Manager

·        Recall building plans, documents and photos instantly

·        View the estimators ‘take-off’ complete with notes and bookmarks

·        Eliminate printing

·        Guarantee the plan you view is the current plan

·        Draw changes on the plans, use the tablet / device of your choice.

·        Share and view the same plan at the same time with others on multiple devices and regardless of where      each person is.

·        Solve on-site problems without leaving your office.

·        Using a device, mark penetrations on the drawing and share with workers using their smart phones

·        Dropbox not required

·        Import plans from Dropbox if required


The foreman may be on the construction site, the supervisor on a separate construction site while the manager is in head office. All three can view the plan and communicate using the pointer. There is no need to meet on-site.

The same applies, where a supervisor does not need to lose time going to the 50th level. Solve the problem by viewing plans on SiteManager.

Even send photos.

Reduce Costs and Increase Profits with a superior plan filing and management system.


SiteManager Plan Viewer is your answer.