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Project Diary  



SiteManager – Project Tracking

Project Diary


Best Legal Document


‘Record what happened, when it happened’

Never rely on an employee’s memory

Permanent record of all events

Quick recall, even ten years later


Even a good legal case won’t be enough, without accurate and reliable documentation.

Project Diary is the answer!

Every project has an individual diary.



·        Design and construction changes

·        Number of workers on the project each day

·        Delays and the reasons for them

·        Site Instructions

·        Weather conditions, temperature, rain etc.

·        Accident / Incident information

·        Have the facts at your fingertips

·        All information is instantly available in head office

·        No waiting to return to the office  

·        No more illegible hand writing

Reliable audit trail

Have standard wording for good communications


Attach photos, videos or documents to an individual entry. Faster more efficient recall.


Reliable – Consistent – Accurate – Immediate