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Time Log  



SiteManager – Project Tracking

Time Log


Allows staff / employees to log their times directly to the section of the project using an Apple IPad, Android or windows device.

Alternatively, direct to their smart phone.

·        Eliminate timesheets

·        Employees log times direct to the project

·        Eliminate eligible hand writing

·        Tracks hours worked on each section of the project

·        Tracks all leave and time off for training

·        Tracks overtime

·        Exports to payroll

·        Instant management reports

·        Never chase employees for times worked

·        Track sick leave, annual leave, training etc

·        Print easy to follow summary timesheets

Track and know where every employee is every day. (1 to 1,000 employees)


Employees only see the project they are authorised to work on.


SiteManager will considerably reduce payroll staff imputing times,

Don’t change your payroll system, change the way employees providetheir work times.

As the employee enters their times, Time Log it instantly tracks and comares estimated times allowed  with the time taken.

SiteManager Time Log – Exciting – Inovative Technology for 2018 and beyond.