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SiteManager – Project Tracking

How to Purchase


If you are using SiteManager for Project Tracking and Service Work, it is only one fee. (Not two)

Of course you may need to purchase more users.

You must have the CavSoft Contractor’s Pack with Project Tracking.

There are no downloads, the current version of CavSoft software has the SiteManager built in.

Step 1:

Take advantage of the 60 day trial.

Step 2:

SiteManager is purchased on an annual subscription.

All prices are GST Inc.

a)   $450.00 per authorised person p/a

     (Credit Card or BPay)

b)   $43.75 per authorised person p/m

     (Credit Card only)

c)   Smart Phone ‘Time Log apps

     $39.50 per employee p/a

     (Credit Card or BPay)

At any time add or remove users. Extra users are pro-rata to create one payment date.

There are no refunds when removing users.

Sharing Plans:

Step 3:

Before your trial period finishes, use the Purchase Now function in the menu.

Plans can be shared with all users in your company.

To share with a consultant, engineer or a contractor without SiteManager, they will need the CavSoft SitePRO.


Your SiteManager does everything SitePRO does and much more.