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SiteManager – Service Work

Quick Start Explanation


SiteManager is in your CavSoft Contractor’s Pack. You must be using Service Work or Service Work – Lite for the links to be made from your head office to the employees’ device.


SiteManager can link and operate with:

a)   Android Tablets

b)   Apple iPads

c)   Windows Tablets

d)   Smart phone

e)   Laptop or office computer


SiteManager does not need a download, it is on your computer now.

All plans, documents and photos are stored on the office computer.


Step 1:     In Contractor’s Pack

a)  Go to the Help File

b)   Select Training

c)   Click on SiteManager


Step 2:    Complete each lesson


The lessons are divided into ‘setting up in the office’ and using the device

Each lesson is sort and to the point.


Step 3:    If you have difficulty in linking the device with your office computer, it will most likely be your firewall, tick the box that allows SiteManager to access your CavSoft software.

If you have questions, send them to